In 2022, Ukraine became the world's ninth largest producer of wheat

Published Dec 28, 2022

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According to the results of 2022, Ukraine became the ninth largest producer of wheat with an indicator of 20.5 million tons, which is a third lower than last year's indicators due to the full-scale military aggression unleashed by the Russian Federation. As reported on the website, this season Ukraine was overtaken in terms of wheat production by China (138 million tons), the EU (134.7 million tons), India (103 million tons), Russia (91 million tons), the United States (44.9 million tons), Canada (35 million tons), Australia (33 million tons) and Pakistan (26.4 million tons).

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In turn, Ukraine produced more wheat than Argentina (17.5 million tons), Turkey (17.25 million tons), Great Britain (14.6 million tons), Iran (13.2 million tons), Kazakhstan (13 million tons), Egypt (9.8 million tons), Brazil (9.2 million tons) and Uzbekistan (6.6 million tons). According to the publication, the total wheat acreage in 2022 exceeded 220 million hectares worldwide. Wheat is produced by both developed and developing countries. At the same time, developed regions account for 50% of all world wheat production, and the total sown area is 53%. About 70% of wheat produced in the world is used for food, 20% - for animal husbandry, and 2-3% - in industry. As reported, in 2021, Ukraine harvested a record crop of 106 million tons of grain, leguminous and oil crops: grain and leguminous crops - UAH 84 million, and oil crops - 22.6 million tons. In total, 32.4 million tons of wheat, 40 million tons of ...
Source: Agroconf
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