In addition to German supply, the supply of Italian apples is also increasing

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Published Sep 9, 2023

Tridge summary

German supply of apples, such as Elstar and Delbarestivale, dominated the market and experienced increased importance, along with Italian apples like Royal Gala. Other fruit supplies from France, Poland, and the Netherlands were supplementary, while overseas supplies from New Zealand, Chile, and South Africa had a subordinate role, but were well received in Hamburg. In the vegetable market, German cauliflower supply dominated but had inconsistent quality due to rainfall. Dutch and Belgian supplies of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and paprika dominated their respective markets with varying levels of demand.
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German supply dominated: Elstar, Delbarestivale and Jonagold had the upper hand, Elstar and Sweet Tango noticeably gained in importance. New additions to the range were Cox Orange and Rubinette. In addition to the German supply, the Italian supply also increased, especially Royal Gala and Golden Delicious. Deliveries from France, Poland and the Netherlands did not exceed supplementary status. The volumes from overseas, exclusively New Zealand, Chilean and South African parties, also played a rather subordinate role and only had a certain relevance in Hamburg. There they were invariably convincing in terms of their taste, which meant they were well received and sometimes rose slightly in price. In general, supply and demand were sufficiently balanced. The traders therefore rarely had reason to change their previous offers. To speed up the sales of local fruit, they occasionally gave discounts. In Berlin, some products showed conditional shortcomings, which made them cheaper. Pear ...
Source: AGF
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