In the EU, late sowing can have a negative effect on sugar beets

Sugar Beet
Published Jun 1, 2023

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As of May 23, late and slow sowing may have a negative impact on the development of sugar beets in the Benelux countries, according to the European crop monitoring agency MARS.

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In the Netherlands and Belgium, 60% and 40% of the planned areas were sown by the end of April, respectively. The sowing campaign in these countries dragged on until May. Sowing rates in the region are lower than the average of the last few years. Such serious delays are expected to affect the development of sugar beets this year. The extended terms of sugar beet sowing led to uneven development of seedlings in different regions, but in general the situation is assessed as satisfactory. The delay in planting sugar beet in the Benelux countries this year has become the worst since 2001, as a result of which countries in the region finished planting last in Europe. Delays in the sowing of sugar beets were also noted in France, Germany and Poland due to increased soil moisture and below-average temperatures. In France, about 90% was sown by the end of April, which was facilitated by a favorable distribution of precipitation in the second half of the month. In Germany and Poland, the ...
Source: Agroconf
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