Inflation skyrockets again in Indonesia

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Published Dec 1, 2023

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The prices of premium rice, red chilies, cayenne peppers, and sugar in Jakarta have increased towards the end of 2023. The average prices of basic necessities have experienced a significant increase, with red cayenne peppers rising by 3.9% and granulated sugar rising by 5.13% since the beginning of 2023. The rising food prices are attributed to factors such as the effects of El Nino, war, and geopolitical disturbances, which have pushed global food prices to skyrocket.
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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- The increase in food prices towards the end of 2023 is still occurring. On Wednesday (29/11/2023) the price of premium rice today increased by IDR 20 to IDR 15,010 per kg, followed by curly red chilies increasing by IDR 480 to IDR 66,530/kg and red cayenne peppers increasing by IDR 20 to IDR 84,100/kg as well as prices sugar rose IDR 20 to IDR 17,090/kg. Looking at price movements from the beginning of 2023, Head of CFESD INDEF, Abra El Talattov, said that the average price of strategic basic necessities experienced a high jump. Where curly red cayenne pepper rose 3.9% (mtm) and the price of granulated sugar rose 5.13% (mtm). The risk of food price spikes cannot be separated from the effects of El Nino and the subsequent effects of war & geopolitical disturbances which have pushed world food prices skyrocketing. What is the impact of rising food prices on inflation? For further ...
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