Israeli greens exporter unable to meet increased demand from European consumers

Updated Feb 24, 2023
Israeli exporter of fresh herbs and edible flowers Bless S.R. was "between the hammer and the anvil." Harsh winter weather has led to a shortage of green produce from Italy and Spain, causing European buyers to turn to Bless S.R. en masse, while the Israeli company cannot meet the offer due to more expensive production, EastFruit reports citing FreshPlaza. “Everyone wants products from Israel, but we have high prices.
In Europe, problems with Italian products due to very cold weather this year. Some buyers in Berlin have told us that they have a 2-3 week delay on deliveries from Italy, but unfortunately the prices from Israel are actually very high. Despite the demand from Europe for fresh herbs, it is very difficult to provide because it depends on logistics, flights and exchange rates. Europe is not such a big market for our fresh herbs. We have clients in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania. Almost all of our customers are from Eastern Europe, they come and pick up the cargo that we deliver by air to the Netherlands on direct flights from Israel. This is a very difficult period for everyone in the world. Prices are high, euro and dollar rates are very high. Everyone is just trying to survive,” explains Ira Gonen, sales manager at Bless S.R. According to her, higher prices in Israel are due to the fact that farmers have higher production costs. This forces buyers in Europe to order ...
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