It has been announced what fish Ukrainian aqua farmers grow

Published Aug 26, 2021

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According to statistics, one Ukrainian eats 15 kg of fish a year. This is much lower than European figures, where a person mostly has 22 kg of products. There are several reasons for this, including the lack of a culture of fish consumption and higher prices compared to meat, which is why buyers prefer meat products. According to the Etcetera agency for 2019, a Ukrainian eats mostly 52.8 kg of meat a year. However, recently the taste habits of Ukrainians are changing.

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This was reported by Livestock today, writes According to fish and seafood market expert Ksenia Horova, the preferences of buyers are strongly influenced by the trend of a healthy lifestyle and diet, which is gaining popularity around the world. "People are interested in different resources with information about the right diet, choice of products and their preparation," - says Gorova. For example, at the end of 2020 in Ukraine launched a free educational platform, where consultants advise how to choose fish in the store, store it properly and thaw. The attitude of the country to fish as a more expensive product is not always true. “If you take, say, pollock, the price for it starts from 110 UAH / kg. At the same time, the protein saturation is about 20 g per 100 g of product, ie it is not inferior to chicken drumsticks, and the benefits are much higher, ”says Horova. The low price of this fish is due to the large volume of catch: almost 3.5 million tons ...
Source: AgronewsUA
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