The hypothesis on novel food in Europe: Jellyfish on the plate?

Frozen Jellyfish
Published Mar 27, 2021

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The jellyfish on the plate? This is the suggestive hypothesis of what could be a novel food in Europe, already a traditional dish in China and in some countries of Southeast Asia. To date, jellyfish are not authorized for food use in the Old Continent, but their large increase due to global warming and the overfishing of fish populations could prove useful in gastronomic terms. And according to some chefs involved in the drafting of "European Jellyfish - First recipes based on Western-style jellyfish" could even be "greedy". Behind the work of the European Jellyfish, the publishing house Cnr Edizioni - Public Relations Communication Unit and the pen of Antonella Leone of the Institute of Science of Food Production (Ispa) of the National Research Council of Lecce. All within the framework of the European project "GoJelly" which has the ambition to overturn the common negative perception about jellyfish, proposing to transform them into a precious resource for the production of ...
Source: Dissapore
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