South Korea: Jeonnam Governor Kim Young-rok visits the cold wave affected area

Published Feb 27, 2021

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[Reporter Choi Sang-ki of the Korean Farmers' Newspaper] Goheung Yuja and Haenam Cabbage Fields, etc. "Prompt recovery support" Kim Young-rok, the Governor of Jeonnam Province, visited the damaged site of Chinese cabbage in Pungyang-myeon, Goheung-gun, San-myeon, Haenam-gun, which was damaged by a cold wave last month, and provides thorough damage investigation and rapid restoration support. And comforted the farmers. Governor Kim said at the site of citron damage in Goheung, “A citron whose symptoms appear late must be accurately identified during March to April so that the affected farmers are not left out of support.” “We will devise a separate support plan for the declined farm households.” At the site of the damaged cabbages in Haenam, he said, "We will do our best to stabilize farm management by investing emergency reserves as soon as the recovery support plan is confirmed so that the affected farmers can have hope and courage."

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Jeonnam-do plans to establish a recovery support plan for a total of 2244 ha, including 1870 ha of Chinese cabbage, 54 ha of red pepper, and 17 ha of strawberry, which were damaged by the cold wave that occurred from January 5 to 10, and report it to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. In particular, for items such as citron, green tea, garlic, onion, etc., where damage symptoms appear late, a thorough damage investigation will be conducted around March to April, and a recovery support plan will be established. By region, the damage of winter cabbage in Haenam-gun, which accounted for 70% of the national cabbage production, was 1700ha, and the ...
Source: Agrinet
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