Jeonnam Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Science, stable production support for laver farming fishermen in South Korea

Frozen Seaweed
South Korea
Published Nov 21, 2022

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The Jeollanam-do Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Science announced that it operated an on-site counseling center to support the stable production of seaweed by fishermen in Goheung, who have completed harvesting seaweed in 2023 by the 11th. On-site counseling offices were operated at three locations: Guam Market, Balpo Market, and Sisan Port. Through microscopic verification, the current status of laver positive was comprehensively diagnosed, including the health of laver fronds installed in nearby fishing grounds, whether neutrospores were attached, and whether or not yellowing occurred. In addition, on-site diagnosis results were individually informed, and aquaculture technology training was provided, such as exposure time adjustment for growth management by fishery, hair care management tips such as washing, monthly management methods, and disease response methods. Park Joon-taek, head of the Jeonnam Provincial Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Science, said, “For the stable production of seaweed, which is a major aquatic product in Jeollanam-do and accounts for 25% of domestic aquatic food exports, systematic management is necessary from the initial cultivation stage.” It is expected to contribute greatly to resolving the difficulties in the aquaculture field.”

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Meanwhile, Jeollanam-do Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Science establishes a support plan for seaweed farmers in each region for stable seaweed production, carries out seedling season forecasts, water temperature information, nutrient ...
Source: Fisheco
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