Argentina: Which are the regional economies that will be left at zero withholdings

Updated Jun 29, 2021
The national government eliminated the withholdings on a list of products from regional economies. The measure was formalized through Decree 410/2021, published in the Official Gazette. Among the sectors benefiting from the measure are the production of bees, eggs, pepper and other aromatic species, potato, sunflower and rice seeds, oils and peanuts. In the case of eggs, fertilized eggs were considered, such as fresh and preserved or cooked, both hen and other birds, which will not pay withholdings, whereas before they did so at 4.5%. On the other hand, support for applied research and development to obtain seeds or initial materials was taken into account. In this framework, the right of potatoes, quinoa and sesame for sowing, which had a 4.5% tax, was reduced to zero. In spices, the products covered by the decree are peppers, vanilla, cinnamon, thyme and bay leaves, among others, and the withholding from this measure will be zero, whereas before they were taxed 4.5%. The right ...
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