China: Last year, the total output value of tea in Anxi, Quanzhou was 36.2 billion yuan

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Published Jan 22, 2024

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Anxi, Quanzhou held a conference to discuss the development of the tea industry, with a focus on promoting high-quality development and creating China's top 100 tea industries. Representatives from various tea businesses spoke about their plans to improve the safety and quality of Anxi Tieguanyin and expand the market for Anxi tea. The county has been implementing the "three teas" coordinated development concept and saw a total tea-related output value of 36.2 billion yuan last year, and now plans to focus on "big industry", "big system", "big market" and "big ecology" to reach the goal of 100 billion.
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On January 19, Anxi, Quanzhou held a "Three Teas" Coordination and High-Quality Development Conference to summarize the development of Anxi's tea industry in recent years, analyze the current development situation of the tea industry, mobilize the entire county to promote high-quality development of the tea industry, and accelerate the creation of China's top 100 tea industries. Grand View Garden for tea display and distribution and processing center for Chinese tea. At the meeting, Xianghua Township, Bama Tea Industry, Xingxi Tea Industry, Wu Guangyan Family Farm in Anxi County, and Limo Tea Industry made typical speeches in turn. Participants said that the convening of the conference allowed tea farmers, tea merchants, and tea companies to prepare Be inspired, feel inspired, and feel confident. "As a family farm, I feel very confident and have a clear direction when I come to participate." Wu Guangyan, the person in charge of Wu Guangyan Family Farm in Anxi County, said that he ...
Source: CFSN
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