Italy: Prices of table grapes and courgettes are increasing

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Published Oct 25, 2023

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According to Bmti surveys, there have been increases in the prices of tomatoes, pumpkins, and courgettes, although the increases are limited. However, the demand for persimmons has declined due to high temperatures, leading to lower prices. Chestnut prices have only increased in the Bergamo market, but it is expected that demand will increase with the arrival of colder temperatures.
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Kaki, Campania devalued compared to Emilia The demand for persimmons is disadvantaged by the persistence of high temperatures, a factor that has brought prices downwards. The increases in the Rome market are to be associated with a lower sale of Emilian products, as the Campania product which has much lower prices is more requested and marketed. With the drop in temperatures expected for the next few days, there should be a turnaround in demand. Chestnuts, prices on the rise only in Bergamo No particular changes for chestnuts, which are affected by the still high temperatures. As colder temperatures arrive in the next few days, demand is expected to increase. Prices at the moment see a marked increase only in the Bergamo market, where demand is at high levels. Cauliflower, demand is starting to grow A slight increase in cauliflower prices, which sees an increase in production favored by the mild climate and a demand that is starting to increase. The quality is good, not only ...
Source: Terraevita
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