Lettuce and cabbage, the most popular crops in the CGN plant germplasm bank of the Netherlands

Fresh Cabbage
Published Apr 18, 2024

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The Netherlands Center for Genetic Resources (CGN) is pivotal in preserving genetic diversity, focusing on distributing seeds for research, breeding, and education purposes. It manages collections of 33 crops, with a particular emphasis on vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, chili/pepper, and spinach, driven by high demand in the Netherlands. Lettuce has emerged as the most requested crop over the past decade, underscoring the CGN's significant global role. The CGN caters to bona fide applicants worldwide, with a notable share of its seed distributions reaching other European countries and Asia. This effort is instrumental in developing resilient crops, a critical step towards tackling future agricultural challenges.
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The plant germplasm bank of the Netherlands Center for Genetic Resources (CGN) makes seeds available for research, breeding and education purposes. After requesting the material and handling the administration, the CGN sends the seed to the applicant, whether in the Netherlands or abroad. But how much material is really requested? And what crops are most in demand? The CGN manages collections of 33 crops, which are carefully selected and offer wide genetic diversity for each crop. A 'collection' includes a compilation of older and newer varieties of a crop, as well as wild species from the area of origin and local varieties. This material can be obtained during collection missions, from plant breeding companies or by collaborating with foreign gene banks. What crops are popular? Table 1 shows the number of samples distributed during the last 10 years by crop. This shows that lettuce, cabbage, chili/pepper and spinach are the most important crops for users. This is due to research ...
Source: InfoAgro
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