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Liberalização da Exportação da Castanha de Caju Lesa Indústria Nacional

Liberalização da Exportação da Castanha de Caju Lesa Indústria Nacional
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Cashew Nut Kernel
Regulation / Agreement
Feb 16, 2021
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The company considers that the liberalization of the export of raw nuts has placed its companies in a situation of unfair competition, which made business continuity in Mozambique unsustainable. In a virtual meeting with the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA), Olam pointed out as the main reasons for the closure of the cashew nut factories the transformation of the global market, which started to negatively influence the export of processed nuts in Mozambique, which placed 30% of its production in India and Vietnam. According to data announced at the meeting, as of 2019, Mozambican production ceased to have access to these markets, following the imposition of customs tariffs by both countries to protect their industry, a situation that was aggravated by the negative impacts of the Covidean pandemic. 19. According to the source, internally, the crisis that has been shaking the subsector with the reduction of processing levels, from around 60 thousand tons, ...
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