Low pork prices are felt throughout the European Union

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Published Nov 3, 2021

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Pig prices in the European Union continue to be relatively low, increasing the pressure on pig farmers regarding high feed costs. A number of external factors, such as Covid-19 and reduced demand from China, have caused pig prices in the EU to plummet with no immediate indication of when they will improve.

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African swine fever (ASF) cases in several export-oriented European countries, including Belgium and Germany, have also had a significant detrimental effect on exports. Overall, according to the European Commission, pork production will increase by around 1.7% in 2021 and less than half that in 2022. The number of pigs has remained relatively stable in recent years, so an increase in productivity and a greater weight of the carcasses is expected. will drive that growth. Looking closely at prices in the EU, there does not appear to be any significant price increase in any of the member states over the last week. The average price paid for Grade E pigs in Ireland during the week ending 17 October 2021 was reduced to € 1.47 / kg. Irish prices are currently 17 cents / kg above the EU grade E price, which is around € 1.30 / kg. Irish prices have fallen by an average of € 0.16 / kg since 2020, but have been stable since the beginning of this year. Irish prices have fallen by an average ...
Source: Infopork
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