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Market: German record retail prices for fruit and vegetables

Updated Jul 14, 2020
This is evident from inflation figures from Destatis, the German CBS. Just like Dutch shops, the German supermarkets also charged high prices for fruit and vegetables. The differences with last year are especially large with fruit, with 11% higher prices. The difference for vegetables is much smaller (approximately 1%), but a record level was also written. Cucumber care child Care child in the month of June was cucumber. The extremely poor prices on the sales market were visible in shops. Nevertheless, the price was maintained in the middle bracket compared to previous years. It seems that stores also include other costs in their margins and have not let the price fluctuate completely with market prices. High prices for sweet peppers High prices were still visible for sweet peppers in June. The corona months showed a greater shopping demand for this vitamin fruit. It was visible in high prices in the store. The picture is expected to be different in July due to increased price ...
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