Market prices today 2/2 in Vietnam, preparing for Tet, King Of Beef, Big C, Vinmart promote beef, chicken, seafood

Published Feb 3, 2021

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Market prices today: King Of Beef, Big C, Vinmart promotes beef, chicken, seafood The market price today is recorded, King Of Beef with a promotion for beef head is 326,000 VND / kg; beef tendon in the promotional price of 275,000 VND / kg; crab rolls cost 79,000 VND / box; re-dip beef promotion only 126,000 VND / tray 350gr ... Big C promotes UP frozen chicken wings only 66,900 VND / kg; frozen Japanese mullet has 29,900 VND / kg; promotion of frozen chicken thighs at 27,900 VND / kg; Chicken drumsticks are priced at VND 39,900 / kg ... Vinmart promotes delicious meat rolls, CP only 35,000 VND / tray 300gr; Nhat Minh oyster milk is 59,900 VND / pack 280gr; Jellyfish Salad Tinh Gia Nhat Minh has 24,900 VND / pack of 350g, premium fried pork meat Deli only 54,000 VND / 250gr pack ... Source: Quynh Hoa compiled. Co.opmart, Vinmart, Big C on the shelves of many good-priced vegetables and fruits Co.opmart promotes Ha Giang orange and soup only 47,500 VND / kg; Hai Duong cabbage is ...
Source: Vietnambiz
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