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Published Apr 22, 2024

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The article provides insights into the fruit market's performance during Week 16 of 2024, focusing on various fruits like kiwi, plums, table grapes, carozos, apples, and pears. It highlights Chile's delayed kiwi exports and reduced plum supply in China, leading to lower prices, while Italy and Greece see higher kiwi prices. The Red Globe table grapes experience a balanced market with increased Chilean volumes. Chilean nectarines face a decline in Mexico due to maturity issues, and apple exports from Chile show mixed results, with a decrease in bicolor apple volumes. Additionally, there's a noted scarcity of imported pears in China, with Chile's shipments to the Far East dropping compared to the previous year.
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Comments Week 16 - 2024 Kiwi: While Chile registers a delay in exports and totals a lower volume than the previous season, Italy and Greece reach higher prices this campaign. Plums: The supply of Chilean plums in the Chinese market decreases, registering lower prices than last season. Table grapes: Market is recorded with adequate general availability for Red Globe, dominated by Chilean fruit, while having a good relationship with its demand. Chilean volumes well above the previous campaign. Carozos: As the season ends, residual batches of Chilean nectarines show weekly declines in Mexico as a result of problems derived from their advanced maturity. Apples: Quotes for Chilean Royal Gala register a negative year-on-year variation this week, while, for Granny Smith, it is positive. Exports of bicolor apples from Chile totaled a lower volume in week 15 than the previous season. Pears: A limited supply of imported pears remains in China. Meanwhile, Chilean shipments to the Far East ...
Source: MXfruit
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