Meat price index relatively high for Dutch consumers

Published Aug 27, 2020

Tridge summary

Consumers within the European Union spend a relatively large amount of money on meat in the Netherlands. This is evident from a Eurostat study. In 2019, the price index for meat in the Netherlands was 127. Consumers are generally the most expensive in Austria and Luxembourg: the price index is 145 and 141 respectively. The top 5 most expensive countries are followed by France (131), the Netherlands and Belgium ( 125).

Original content

Cheapest meat in the EU For a cheap piece of meat, it is best to go to Poland and Romania: the price index is 63 in these countries. In Bulgaria (66) and Lithuania (71) consumers also pay relatively little for a piece of meat. The price indices are compared with an average of 100. Eurostat has included the categories beef and veal, pork, lamb, ...
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