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Mexico: Michoacán avocado producers say they can be sustainable

Productores de aguacate de Michoacán dicen que sí pueden ser sustentables
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Nov 24, 2021
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NAYELI REYES CASTRO. THE FINANCIAL. Producers and packers from Michoacán respond to the #NoAvocado trend (not avocado), they are committed to looking for a sustainable crop instead of stopping consuming it as proposed in other countries. In various kitchens around the world, especially in Great Britain, guacamole begins to be prepared without avocado, it is substituted with peas, pumpkin or beans as part of a trend #NoAvocado (not avocado), which indicates that its cultivation has as a consequence a huge carbon footprint for a fruit. In a report published by The Guardian on November 1, the “end of the avocado” was heralded: chefs began to look for alternatives to make the precious guacamole and thus counteract its environmental impact. According to the publication, each fruit requires up to 320 liters of water to grow; However, the British newspaper clarified days later that this figure is an extreme and specific example, but not typical. There are many nuances in the production ...
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