Midagri: Peru agro-exports totaled US $661 million and conquered 101 markets in January

Updated Mar 12, 2021
He explained that the products that made the greatest positive contribution last January compared to the same month of 2020 were: fruits and other fruits (increase of 95%), fresh avocado (94%), fresh onions and shallots (80%), cocoa beans (79%), preparations used for animal feed (63%), ginger (59%) and fresh blueberries (+ 19%), among others. Regarding the value exported in January, exports of traditional products accounted for 4% of the total, while non-traditional ones, the remaining 96%. For example, he specified that traditional agricultural exports during that month reached 26 million dollars. Within this group of products, shipments of unroasted coffee (24 million dollars) stood out, which registered an increase of 12% and cane molasses (420,000 dollars) whose value increased 20%. He emphasized that both products accounted for 91% of traditional agricultural exports. Fruits and vegetables El Midagri asserted that in the basket of non-traditional products, exports of fruits ...
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