Mild autumn in the UK messes up crops

Published Nov 8, 2022

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All cabbages, including Savoy, red cabbage, green cabbage and collard greens, are abundant in the South West of England, where temperatures have been unusually warm. This comes as a welcome relief after growers suffered massive crop losses over the summer, both for existing crops and for the next season's seedlings.

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However, there are now fears that consumers will not be able to keep up with the huge range of cabbages grown in Britain. Cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and leeks will likely all be much larger than usual and in abundance over the next four to five weeks. David Camp, a regenerative organic grower at Daynes Farm in south Devon, says he's seeing "an abundance of top quality large brassicas" as a result of the mild autumn. "Growing conditions are good, but too good," he said. "The temperature was a few degrees higher than ...
Source: AGF
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