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Ministry of Agriculture in Indonesia encourages cassava as an alternative food

Updated Nov 29, 2021 – Cassava is a food crop commodity that is rich in benefits. Cassava or often called cassava, is now not only for staple food, but raw material for animal feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, to energy. Cassava was introduced and planted in Indonesia by the Portuguese in the 16th century and in 1810 the Dutch East Indies government began commercializing and starting its processing industry in the early 20th century. One of the districts that develop cassava commodity is Pati. Based on BPS data in 2019, the harvested area of 14,184 hectares, production of 746,516 tons and the province of 52,631 tons/ha made Pati district the second largest cassava producer in Central Java province after Wonogiri. The increase in cassava production in Pati did not escape the great interest of farmers to develop it. Large profits, ease of cultivation, land suitability and regular cropping patterns are factors in the development of the cassava-based processing industry in Pati. Nikentri, ...
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