Montería, the most suitable municipality for growing pineapple in Colombia

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Published Dec 29, 2020

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The department of Córdova also offers competitive advantages to other crops, such as plantain and cassava. The director of the ProMontería Economic Development Agency, Natalia Sotomayor, stressed that the department of Córdova is the most suitable municipality for planting pineapple in Colombia.

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This is Montería, which has 296,505 hectares (ha) of agricultural frontier, and 18,678 ha of natural forests and non-agricultural areas. “The lands of Montería are the most suitable for the planting of this fruit and pineapple today is considered an exotic fruit at an international level and there is not enough supply to export it abroad ”, highlighted the direct from ProMontería. The fruit continues to be demanded by the international market thanks to its characteristics. The largest pineapple producing countries in the world are Costa Rica, the Philippines, Thailand and China. Colombia is located between the ninth and eleventh place in the world ranking, with an annual production that ranges between one million and one million two hundred thousand tons per year. Argentina, Poland, Slovenia, Holland, Belgium and Italy are some of the destination markets for Colombian pineapple. Other products such as plantain, yucca and yam are also highly suitable for sowing in the department of ...
Source: Redagricola
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