More than 90% of the world's macadamia nuts are exported to China! my country's nut imports are about to surpass the United States

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Published Apr 4, 2024

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The global macadamia market has experienced notable fluctuations over the past five years, with South Africa emerging as the leading exporter of macadamia kernels, followed by other African countries, Australia, and China. The export volume of shell fruit in 2023 saw South Africa at the forefront with a significant market share, accompanied by remarkable growth in exports from other African and South American countries. Europe, the United States, and China are the primary import markets, with China's import volume showing substantial growth. This dynamic shift underscores the evolving landscape of the global macadamia industry, highlighting the increasing demand and changing export-import trends among key players and regions.
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· Nuts · In the past five years, the global export of macadamia kernels has continued to fluctuate around 35,000 tons, falling to 33,622 tons in 2020, rising to a peak of 39,039 tons in 2022, and 34,468 tons in 2023. South Africa has always maintained its position as the world's largest kernel exporter. The total kernel exports of other African countries outside South Africa have exceeded Australia in the past three years. China has become the world's fourth largest kernel exporter in the past four years. South Africa exported 9,741 tons of kernels in 2023, accounting for 35.98% of the market share. Australia ranked second with an export volume of 6,230 tons, accounting for 23.01% of the market share. Kenya ranked third with an export volume of 5,752 tons, accounting for 21.25%. China took 9.94% of the market share with an export volume of 2,691 tons. The world's largest macadamia kernel import market The largest import market is Europe, with an import volume of 10,181 tons in ...
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