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Morocco, world’s leading exporter of canned sardines in 2022

Updated Jan 30, 2023
Morocco emerged as the leading exporter of canned sardines worldwide in 2022, Zakia Driouich, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, and Waters and Forests indicated.
Morocco has implemented various strategies to protect marine species and ecosystems. Rabat - The North African country has exported a total of 152,137 tonnes of canned sardines, with a value of around MAD 5.9 billion ($581 million). “Due to its importance in terms of catches (64% of total catches), the sardine fishery occupies a very important position in Morocco’s fishing sector,” Driouich told Maghreb Arab Press (MAP). The economic importance of sardine fishing is not limited to catches, she noted, explaining that its significance extends to the processing activity, including canning and freezing. In addition to its positive impact on the national economy, the fisheries industry creates various job opportunities, notably through coastal seiners, canneries, and other processing units. Given Morocco’s large fisheries potential and the sector’s economic significance, the department of Maritime Fisheries has sought to increase the supply of canning units to further boost the ...
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