The National Seed Trade Association of Ghana refutes maize seed shortage

Maize (Corn) Seed
Published Jul 4, 2023

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The National Seed Trade Association of Ghana (NASTAG) has denied claims of a maize seed shortage in the country. They state that recent reports of a shortage were misleading and that farmers were simply unable to obtain specific brands of foreign or imported seeds. NASTAG accuses individuals who want to collapse the local seed industry of spreading false information and emphasizes that there are locally produced maize hybrids available that are of good quality and yield.
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The National Seed Trade Association of Ghana (NASTAG), the apex body of the seed value chain, has refuted claims of maize seed shortage in the country. According to the association, recent media reports with the caption ‘Shortage of maize seed disrupts planting in Sissala’ was only based on a mere fact that some farmers have been unable to get the specific brand of maize seed that they wanted, which are foreign seeds or imported seeds. President of NASTAG, Amos Rutherford Azinu, Ph.D, in a press statement, stressed that the apex body’s research report in areas such as Tumu, Gwollu, Welembelle, among others – all Sissala communities revealed that there is no shortage of maize seed. He accused selfish individuals who are interested in collapsing the local seed industry to benefit from the trade of foreign seeds in the country as the masterminds behind the false alarm. “There are local hybrid seeds of maize that have been produced by our members, most of these hybrids have unique ...
Source: Thebftonline
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