Netherlands: The cost price of consumption potatoes continues to rise

Updated Dec 24, 2022
The Working Group on Consumption Potatoes (WCA) of the NAV has again made an estimate of the cost price for the coming season (2023). For the current season (harvest 2022), potato growers have already had to deal with a significant increase in costs. The WCA calculates that these costs will continue to rise for the coming season. The first signals are that the industry is introducing a substantial increase in contract prices for French fries potatoes.
For example, the calculations of the WCA come to 20.7 cents/kg (2022: 16.1 cents) for clay delivery from land and 27.4 cents/kg (2022: 23.7 cents) for delivery from the barn in week 17. Since 2010, the WCA has been calculating the cost price of consumption potatoes every year for an example company on sandy soil and on clay soil. These calculations are always performed in the same way, so that they can be compared over the years. The cost price is calculated excluding VAT and excluding the costs of pre-watering. The WCA charges € 270/ha for irrigation at a time with a dose of 25 mm. The cultivation and storage costs have already risen sharply for the 2022 season and the WCA notes that this cost increase will continue strongly in the coming season. The costs of labour, fertilizers, wearing parts and energy are rising more than average. Due to the strong inflation, the average increase is already considerable. The WCA always calculates a margin of 15% on the basic cost price for the ...
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