New EU estimates for olive oil consumption and production

Olive Oil
Published Dec 11, 2021

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The European Commission has just made a new estimate about the evolution of olive oil consumption and production at the community and world level. Thus, the most significant data is that if we take into account the current evolution of consumption in the community environment and in other non-producing countries, it is expected that demand growth will be higher in non-producing countries, going from a share of 21% in 2020 to 32% in 2031, as the historically high per capita consumption in the main EU producing countries could fall further (-0.6% per annum, compared to -3% in 2010-2021).

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Olimerca.- If we talk about consumption around the producing countries, the EC projects a slight decrease in per capita consumption of olive oil for all the main producing countries in the EU, with annual decreases ranging between -0.4% and -0.6%. This decline reflects the maturity of the market and the different consumption styles of the younger generations. As for other EU countries, a still increasing trend is expected, reaching a per capita consumption of 1.5 kg by 2031. In general, olive oil consumption is increasing due to a growing consumer awareness of its positive effects on health, as well as a growing popularity of the Mediterranean Diet. Regarding the marketing of olive oil, retail sales are the dominant channel (around 65% in 2021) in which organic olive oil gains some point (around 3% in 2021). The organic product is undoubtedly becoming more attractive to consumers in non-traditional markets (for example, 20% in Finland, 31% in Denmark), while it varies from 0.5% ...
Source: OliMerca
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