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Exportaciones de Nicaragua arrancan 2021 con ascenso

Exportaciones de Nicaragua arrancan 2021 con ascenso
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Feb 14, 2021
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By Redacción / Prensa Latina, @PortalPortuario, , Raw gold once again positioned itself as the leading product in Nicaraguan exports, registering sales of more than 65,853 million dollars in the first 31 days of the current year., Bovine meat (44,313 million) and golden coffee (41,586 million), complete the three most prominent items in the export dynamics. According to the Export Processing Center, the portfolio sales above one million dollars in January were made up of cane sugar, peanuts, farmed shrimp, morolique cheese, beans, lobsters, oils and fats, beverages, alcoholic liquids, in descending order and vinegar, mozzarella cheese, other seafood, processed cigars, fish, processed coffee, rum, and raw tobacco., The United States once again ranked as the first recipient market for Nicaraguan products by ...
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