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Nut price rises and production to increase up to 160,000 tonnes in Mozambique

Preço de Castanha Sobe, Anima Produtores e Produção Deve Aumentar Até 160 Mil Toneladas Nesta Campanha
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Nov 17, 2021
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Mozambique plans to produce around 160,000 tonnes of nuts in the current 2021/2022 agrarian campaign, which could represent a growth of around 12%, compared to the last campaign, in which around 145 thousand tonnes were sold. The establishment, by the Government, of 43 meticais as a reference price for the commercialization of cashew nuts in the current campaign, may revive the production that, last year, saw a reversal in its performance as a result of Covid-19. According to the Director of the National Institute of Almonds, Ilídio Bande, “as a result of integrated management actions, namely cleaning, pruning and chemical treatment works, the national production could surpass, this year, the threshold of 160 thousand tons, a performance that will also have a positive financial impact on producers.” Ilídio Bande, who coordinated last Friday in Gucundo, Cumbane, Jangamo district, Inhambane, the official launch of the cashew nut marketing campaign, explained that “in addition to the ...
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