Italy leader in nut quality; higher prices because we produce excellence

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Published Jan 31, 2024

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Francesco Lollobrigida, the Masaf minister, has emphasized the importance of promoting the quality of Italian nuts, including the hazelnut from the Langhe, the pistachio from Bronte, and the almond from Avola. Despite their higher cost compared to imported nuts, Lollobrigida stressed on their superior quality and the environmental and labor protections involved in their production. The statement was made during the launch of a campaign to promote Italian nuts, a joint effort by Masaf, Ismea, the Minister for Sport, and the Italian Rugby Federation.
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“The objective is to enhance Italian nuts. Just listen to the experts when they talk about the hazelnut from the Langhe or the pistachio from Bronte, or the almond from Avola or many other Italian products, and they point out their particularities. The quality is better, even compared to the productions of other nations which come to import at much lower prices than what our producers are able to achieve. And therefore we need to explain what the difference is between the different products which may seem very similar to the eye." Thus the Masaf minister Francesco Lollobrigida on the sidelines of the presentation of the campaign to promote Italian nuts, promoted by Masaf, created by Ismea, in collaboration with the Minister for Sport and the Italian Rugby Federation. “The experts, our chefs, for example, at Sigep talked about the differences between one product and another, explaining it and making it understandable even to those who, like us, are not always able to notice it. And ...
Source: Agricolae
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