Bulgaria: The protest is to the detriment of the smallest farmers

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Published Dec 2, 2023

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The Bulgarian Association of Raspberry and Strawberry Growers, led by Bozhidar Petkov, does not support a protest that they believe will harm small farmers, who are protected by their association. They argue that expanding de minimis, a principle of financing the smallest farmers, is unnecessary and would go against the memorandum and priorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The association also highlights the struggles faced by raspberry producers due to heavy snowfall in the country.
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This was commented by Bozhidar Petkov, chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Raspberry and Strawberry Growers to Agri.BG. "The protection of the smallest is an emphasis in the memorandum and the protests to expand de minimis are unfounded. The topic is a priority of both the branch organizations and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, it is enshrined in the memorandum, and we believe that it is not appropriate for this protest to go out into the streets," Petkov is convinced. According to him, it is not correct that the principle of financing the smallest, which was once put in the memorandum and then voted in the Ministry of Agriculture, should be changed. The association of ...
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