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Overzicht wereldmarkt paddenstoelen

Overzicht wereldmarkt paddenstoelen
This news article has been translated to English.
Oct 23, 2020
From AGF
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However, special mushrooms intended for the hospitality industry are doing much less well due to new measures in various countries. The Netherlands: Not sales or Brexit, but deployment of staff is the biggest concern in the mushroom market Despite all the Corona perils, the trade of fresh mushrooms is going well, according to Dutch mushroom growers. "When the second Corona wave arrived, we held our hearts for a moment, but we see that the orders from the supermarkets continue to run smoothly. We may miss sales to the catering industry, but if people cannot eat in the catering industry. , then they do that at home and we see that mushrooms fit perfectly in a culinary home meal. Everything that is retail related continues to flow well. Most supermarkets have reduced the number of products on the shelf, but what there is shelf space also has a higher rotational speed. " The biggest concern for the mushroom grower is therefore not in the sales, but how he can continue to implement the ...
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