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Published Aug 12, 2023

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The global potato market is experiencing mixed conditions, with high prices in many countries. Weather conditions are affecting potato yields in the Netherlands and Belgium, causing concerns about harvests. France is facing a shortage that will require imports and drive up prices, while the market in Germany is limited by subdued demand due to holiday travel.
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The global potato market is facing a very mixed year, according to reports from various quarters, with generally high prices in many countries. The Netherlands has to contend with weather conditions that affect yields, while a thriving French fries industry is pushing up contract prices. Belgium is struggling with an uncertain harvest due to unfavorable conditions, which raises concerns about the harvest. The German market is feeling the effect of consumers who are on holiday abroad and therefore do not buy on the local market. In France, a shortage will cause demand to exceed supply in 2022, requiring imports and keeping prices resilient. The UK is battling inflation and the aftermath of Brexit, impacting earnings despite favorable growth conditions. In Italy, quality compensates for lower yields, while Spain is in a market limited by supply. Meanwhile, China expects shifts in price trends while North America faces shifts in supply with potential price improvements. The ...
Source: AGF
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