Parmesan cheese is also threatened by the Italian drought

Published Jul 19, 2022

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The drought in Italy is making life particularly difficult for farmers. Producers of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano also feel the supply of their dairy cows is in danger because they depend on the water of the Po. Therefore, even the amount of Parmesan produced may decrease. Parmesan may soon run out in supermarkets because production in Italy is not going smoothly at the moment. The problem is the worst drought in 70 years, caused by a dry winter and an even drier spring in Italy.

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In particular, the northern regions of Italy suffer from drought. The level of the Po River has reached an all-time low. Many farmers see their existence in danger, Parmesan can also be a victim of the heat. About half of the animal breeders living in the Pó Valley are threatened by the historic drought. The producers of the well-known Parmesan cheese also report that their dairy cows depend on the water of the Po. Simon M., a local farmer, told CNN that his 300 cows drink 100-150 liters of water a day. If they are unable to do this, the quality of the parmesan can decrease significantly. In the worst case, the product does not receive the necessary quality seal. "The last time the amount of water in the river was low was in 2003. This is much, much worse now. There is no rain, snow and high temperatures," said Ada Giorgi, manager of a pump house. Germany is the world's largest importer of Parmesan. Simon M. also needs water to water the plants. After all, he wants to use these to ...
Source: AgroForum
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