Philippines to build more cold storage facilities for onion growers

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Published Nov 21, 2023

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In order to control the rising onion prices, the Philippines plans to construct nine cold storage facilities nationwide at a cost of approximately 374 million pesos. These facilities will be given to farmer cooperatives and will help in curbing onion smuggling and hoarding. The Department of Agriculture also plans to penalize farmer cooperatives that sublease storage facilities to middlemen.
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According to a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on November 16, Cynthia Villa, chairwoman of the Philippine Senate Agriculture, Food and Agrarian Reform Committee, said during the review of the Ministry of Agriculture’s 2024 budget that in order to effectively curb the soaring onion prices, the Philippines is conducting nationwide Nine cold storage facilities will be built within the scope, with a single cost of about 40 million pesos (about 5.2 million yuan) and a total cost of 374 million pesos (about 48.57 million yuan). The Ministry of Agriculture will donate these cold storage facilities to farmer cooperatives. Since 2018 Since then, the Philippines has built 16 cold storage facilities nationwide. ​ Vera said that ...
Source: Foodmate
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