Potato production in Peru could drop up to 12.5% next year

Updated Dec 21, 2022
Harvests of main crops such as potatoes, rice, starchy corn and quinoa will be reduced due to lower use of fertilizers, says a report by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri). The technical report on the guiding framework for crops for the 2022-2023 agricultural season, which began in August of this year, indicates that potato production would be the most affected. According to what they indicate, in a probable scenario the areas planted with potatoes would be reduced by 7.4% and their production would have a fall of 10.7% next year. But, in a pessimistic scenario, the supply of potatoes sold in the markets could fall by up to 12.5%. There would also be a drop in rice planting of 0.6% and the production of this input would only grow 0.9%. Regarding corn, planted areas will be reduced by 4.3% and its production will only be 2.6% higher than this year. In the case of quinoa, the supply of this product will be 2.3% lower in 2023, since planting will be reduced ...
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