Potato production in Peru will be industrialized to promote its export

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Published Nov 9, 2023

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The Peruvian government has implemented a new law aimed at promoting the industrialization of potatoes in order to stimulate the supply of its derivatives in different markets and exports. The law includes provisions for technical assistance to potato producers, the implementation of certified seeds in cultivation, and mass dissemination campaigns for the consumption of Peruvian potatoes. Peru is the leading potato producer in Latin America and has a significant impact on the regional and local economy.
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The Executive Branch made official Law 31920, which promotes the industrialization of the potato, with the aim of promoting the agro-industrial activity of this tuber and stimulating the supply of its derivatives in different markets and exports. The law, published this Wednesday, November 8 in El Peruano, details that the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) will promote technical assistance to potato producers in activities related to "improving the quality of production, modernization, transformation processes and, above all, in the identification of markets and financing alternatives". "These activities are carried out through their programs, projects or general directorates, as appropriate," the document states. In turn, Senasa will implement a technical assistance and support program to promote the use of certified seeds in potato cultivation, both at the level of seed producers and users. For this purpose, producers can organize themselves into ...
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