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Poultry Division: The continued increase in feed prices threatens small farmers in Egypt

شعبة الدواجن : استمرار زيادة أسعار الأعلاف يهدد صغار المربين
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Jan 18, 2021
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Al-Sayed confirmed in exclusive statements to Al-Mal newspaper that the rise of a ton of soy feed to 11.6 thousand pounds compared to 11 thousand pounds during the end of last year will lead to an exit of 40% of the sector's strength, especially with the severity of the cold climate that requires expensive heating and care, even if some have left. It really got out. Al-Sayed had said in previous statements to the “Al-Mal” portal that the price of poultry fodder had risen to 8,000 pounds per ton compared to 7,600 pounds within 9 days. Read also the price of eggs today 1-14-2021 in Egypt, and Al-Sayyid emphasized that the price of a ton of imported corn is now 5,000 An increase of 200 pounds within a few hours is due to the continuing repercussions of the Corona crisis and Argentina's ban on corn exports, and thus the suffocation of global markets. Al-Sayed added that the small breeder specializing in fattening chicks only is the most loser, unlike the large companies, which produce ...
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