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เตรียมถก3คู่ค้าFTA เลิกภาษีสินค้าประมง

เตรียมถก3คู่ค้าFTA เลิกภาษีสินค้าประมง
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Regulation / Agreement
South Korea
Nov 7, 2020
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Mrs. Oramon Sapthawitham Director-General, Department of International Trade Negotiations Revealed to the "economic base" that The Department will continue to negotiate with trading partners in three frameworks for free trade agreements (FTAs) to request additional import tariffs on Thai fishery products. Including negotiations to reduce trade barriers To help facilitate more trade between them Which initially negotiated at the officer level This is the result of the Department has visited the Phuket area. And discuss with high value aquaculture cage operators such as Seven color lobster, snakehead fish (Black Salmon) and pearl oysters were found to be future products suitable to penetrate the niche market (niche market) with high purchasing power such as China, Europe, Japan, etc. A preliminary FTA that the Department will continue to negotiate for additional tax cuts on Thai fishery products, including FTAs in the ASEAN-India framework. At present The imports of Indian fishery ...
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