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Price trend of fruit and vegetables in Italy as of March 20

Updated Mar 21, 2023
There is a general decrease in the prices of fruit and vegetables. The demand for asparagus is still contracted and that of strawberries is still subdued. The campaign of Sicilian tarot oranges closes early.
Thanks to the agreement with Italian Electronic Merchandise Exchange (Bmti) and Italmercati we publish the fruit and vegetable prices at the wholesale markets as of March 20, 2023. Below is a summary of the main types of fruit and vegetables on the market. In the downloadable pdf you will find the details of the graphs and the surveys on the main Italian squares: Milan, Bologna, Padua and Rome. The Sicilian Tarocco orange campaign is about to end early, a factor that has resulted in lower arrivals of quantities and, consequently, in a new upward push on prices. Demand continues to target small calibers above all, which show a much higher trend than the previous year, even compared to other calibers. The demand for late Egyptian oranges is still low. The prices of Italian asparagus are decreasing, thanks to an increase in production, mainly in Campania. The trend stands at high levels compared to the previous campaign, a trend attributable to the increase in production costs and ...
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