US: Record heat contributes to higher market

United States
Published Jul 5, 2023

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July is bringing extreme heat to North America, with wildfires raging in Canada and a heat dome affecting parts of the Southern US. The ProduceIQ Index shows that lime and iceberg lettuce prices have reached record highs due to supply issues caused by drought and cooler-than-average weather. Celery prices have also soared due to limited supplies, while table grape prices have returned to normal and round-type tomatoes have reached a ten-year high.
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Apparently, in response to last month’s audacity to be, on average, one of the coolest Junes in the last few years, July weather is determined to set the whole North American continent ablaze. Canadian wildfires are officially in the worst season on record, and smoke from the blazes refuses to adhere to border laws. Arid and hot weather in Canada is making for ideal fire conditions. This is only the beginning of Canada’s fire season, so forecasters aren’t optimistic that conditions will improve soon.Abnormal heat isn’t just limited to Canada. A heat dome, a relatively rare weather anomaly, is barbecuing parts of the Southern U.S. in triple-digit heat. Southern Georgia is in the low to mid-90s this week. With more advisories than we could reasonably fit in this introduction, we recommend giving our new weather tool a free trial; check and receive updates on the cities that matter most to you.ProduceIQ Index: $1.31/pound, up +7.4 percent over prior weekWeek #26, ending June ...
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