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Puglia, Italy: A future of exotic fruit

Puglia: un futuro di frutta (anche) esotica
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Feb 10, 2022
From Myfruit
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The exotic becomes at home in Puglia. This is thanks to the increasing number of agricultural entrepreneurs who replace traditional production with the cultivation of avocado, mango but also aronia and goji berries, bananas and limes. The regional association of Coldiretti has given the numbers of the new crops. And commented on the data released during the announcement of the third edition of the Tropical Fruit Congress, organized by, scheduled for Macfrut 2022: growing by 45-50% in 2017/20. In 2018, the Italian Horticultural Society had launched the proposal: avocado instead of olive trees affected by Xylella. It seems to have been followed. The climate is changing and exotic production is on the rise Agricultural entrepreneurs respond to the tropicalization of the climate in Puglia with the tropicalization of agricultural production. The confirmation comes from the census of land dedicated to the exotic: in a few years it has gone from a handful of productions to 500 ...
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