Rusagrotrans expects a decrease in wheat exports from the Russian Federation in November

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Published Nov 16, 2023

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Russian wheat exports are expected to decrease to 4.6-4.7 million tons this month, which is 350-450 thousand tons lower than October. The export destinations of Russian wheat include both poor and developed countries, with countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America in need of it as a food source. The decrease in supplies is attributed to low prices for agricultural crops, although demand prices continue to rise, leading experts to predict a potential decline in supply and strengthening of prices in the future.
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This result is 350-450 thousand tons lower than the October figure. At the same time, it approximately corresponds to the volume of exports for the same month last year – 4.74 million. Let us recall that the export destinations of this agricultural crop from Russia include both poor and some developed countries. From the first group, these are the states of Africa and the Middle East and some countries of Asia and Latin America, which are in dire need of it as a source of food. In particular, commercial supplies are directed to the north of the first of the continents - to Algeria, which recently switched to Russian grain instead of French, as well as Egypt, Kenya, recently opened Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and a number of others. Also within the framework of the humanitarian agreement, supplies are expected to Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Libya, Mali, Somalia, the Central African Republic (CAR), Chad and Eritrea. Middle Eastern countries include Israel, Asian countries – Yemen, Latin ...
Source: Rosng
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