Russian and Ukrainian grain are the largest EU buyers

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Published Feb 18, 2024

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From July to November 2023, Russia saw a significant increase in grain and pulses exports to the EU, with a total of 2.23 million tons, up from 968 thousand tons in the same period in 2022. Spain and Italy were the primary EU importers of Russian grain. Meanwhile, Ukraine also experienced a rise in grain exports in 2023, selling a total of 44.8 million tons, marking a 16% increase from 2022. The top importers of Ukrainian grain were Spain, China, and Romania.
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Between July and November 2023, the Russian Federation delivered 2.23 million tons of grain and pulses to the EU, while in the same period of 2022, 968 thousand tons. Their exports to Spain increased almost ninefold, while to Italy almost eightfold. Together, these two EU states are the biggest importers of Russian grain in the EU, buying 850 and 812 thousand tons of grain, respectively. The third place is Belgium with nearly 200,000 tons (a 4-fold increase), followed by the doubling of Greece (160,000 tons), and finally Latvia (105,000 tons). (By the way, the Baltic states play a very important role in Russian exports as a transit, Latvia sent 2 million tons and Lithuania 21 million tons of Russian grain from January to the end of November.) We have already written about the fact that Italy was primarily interested in buying durum, and this grain accounted for 71% of its imports to Russia. Russia has now become the second largest supplier of durum to the Italian market. Spain, on ...
Source: MezoHir
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