Significant rises in the prices of food commodities globally, and continuation of the price increase is expected on 6 types of commodities until December

Published Oct 29, 2021

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The global food commodities report issued by the Chamber of Food Industries in the Federation of Industries revealed a significant increase in the prices of most agricultural products and crops during the past month compared to their prices during September 2021. Soy, cocoa, coffee, and yellow corn decreased until next December. The report, which “Amwal Al-Ghad” obtained a copy of, indicated that the prices of refined white sugar increased during last September to record about 496.03 dollars per ton, compared to 475.52 dollars per ton during last August, as well as an average Annually by about 36.5%, and expectations indicate that sugar prices will rise until next December to about 519.7 dollars per ton, according to the Information and Decision Support Center based on the London Stock Exchange. Compared to last August, which recorded about $427.26, while it increased at an annual rate of 54.8%, and future expectations indicate a rise in its price during the current month, ...
Source: Amwalalghad
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