Small Brazilian fruit growers find opportunities to export to Canada

Published Dec 21, 2021

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After a period of complications brought about by Covid-19, the year 2021 – when it celebrates 80 years of bilateral diplomatic relations – was the year of resumption of fruit exports from Brazil to Canada. Although the Canadian market does not have a significant representation in Brazilian fruit shipments, interest has been growing, according to the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC), which has been an opportunity, especially for small producers.

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Today, Brazil ranks 16th among the countries that most export products to Canada (Photo: Jason Rosenberg/CCommons) Armínio Calonga Jr., business manager at CCBC, recalls that, in the first year of fruit exports, they were shipped only 240 pounds of fig. "It's nothing, it corresponds to about 40 boxes. It's very little, but the following year, it has already gone beyond 6 tons, with the entry of persimmon and atemoya as well. Later, this value jumped to a figure between 20 and 30 tons. Today, if it weren't for the pandemic, we would have already surpassed 1,500 tons, which was the amount we closed in 2019.” Problems in international logistics also affected trade flow. With the restriction measures in Canada, there was a decrease in the number of flights and cargo ships. According to Marcelo Oliveira, who exports fruit to the country, at the beginning of the pandemic, all flights to the country were canceled; later, there was only one weekly flight (which served both cargo and ...
Source: Agroinforme
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