Soft fruit wholesale in Italy: Sustained prices, declining strawberries

Fresh Blueberry
Fresh Strawberry
Published Apr 1, 2023

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In the Italian markets raspberries are always priced well above 20 euros with products from Portugal, Basilicata and Morocco. The prices of blueberries are also sustained, above 15 euros on average, and of blackberries, above 20 euros, and Chilean currants can reach 30 euros in some squares but most of the product is Dutch. The strawberry planet is mainly Italian and in the middle of the countryside with products from all the southern regions, but with falling prices. Basilicata is always at the top and in Lazio the Favetta di Terracina is sold well. Raspberries over 20 euros The composition of the origin of the product mirrors that of two weeks ago with Portuguese, Moroccan and Italian raspberries from Basilicata. Let's see the quotations in the major Italian markets. The highest price according to Bmti surveys is that recorded in Bologna where it reaches 27 euros per kg, down by 3 euros. On the other squares Naples (Portugal 23.50 euros), Turin (Portugal 23.50), Verona (Portugal ...
Source: Myfruit
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