South African table grape industry recovers in 2024

Published May 23, 2024

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Despite a challenging 2022-23 table grape season in South Africa due to unusual weather conditions, a recent USDA report indicates a potential 16% increase in production, reaching 370,000 metric tons, thanks to favorable low temperatures during the dormancy cycle. This would result in exports of 340,000 tons, a 20% rise, attributed to improved quality, a weaker US dollar exchange rate, and lower freight costs. The industry's shift towards seedless grapes, particularly Autumn Crisp, Sweet Celebration, and Sweet Globe varieties, is ongoing, with over 92% of new plantings dedicated to seedless grapes. The Global Grape Convention, inaugural event scheduled for August 8, 2023, in South Africa, aims to address industry challenges, with Chile and Peru participating.
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After a complex 2022-23 season, where meteorological conditions caused volumes of South African table grapes to fall, low temperatures could boost production up to 370,000 metric tons (MT), as suggested by a recent report from the United States Department of Agriculture ( USDA. If completed, this would mean a 16% year-over-year increase in volumes. In January last year, the Orange River region of the Northern Cape province suffered a heat wave that severely affected production. This region represents approximately 29% of the country's growing areas. However, the winter of 2023 recorded low temperatures in the main table grape producing regions, which is ideal during the dormancy cycle and contributes to the good size, color and quality of the grapes. These conditions also decreased the threat of pests. The profile of table grape varieties in South Africa has changed in the last decade. Consumers prefer seedless grapes and, consequently, varieties with them are decreasing. Less ...
Source: MXfruit
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